Corporate Engagement

Our experience in supporting corporate clients translates to a dedicated focus on engagement with the aim of understanding a client's holistic and strategic approach to their projects, including factors such as messaging and stakeholder management, public relations, and project guidance. Our approach helps clients manage their risks as well as their cost.

  • Certainty and control over work scope such as hours and types of inspections.
  • Inspectors are motivated to provide 'best in class service' to our clients with full accountability for their performance and a commitment to long-term support.
  • Inspectors that are fully aligned with our client's values and can act as positive engagement points with stakeholders and the public.
  • Inspectors that understand their role is to help our clients bring value to stakeholders.
  • Programs and services aligned with our client's approach to diversity and indigenous engagement, improving their ability to carry out projects and maintenance in indigenous lands.
  • Reduction of labour management cost and risk.

Our aim is to support our clients and help them successfully execute and support their projects. Our inspectors and staff are aligned to our client's goals and motivated to perform accordingly.