Indigenous Peoples Commitment

Certified Aboriginal Business logoMRR is an Indigenous owned company that is committed to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. This commitment is based on three Core Values that support the truth & Reconciliation Call to action #92ii. This commitment is strengthened by our Indigenous Hiring Policy and is embedded in our brand, processes, and code of conduct to ensure positive contributions to reconciliation in Canada.

TRC Call to Action #92ii- Business & Reconciliation

"Ensure that Indigenous Peoples have equitable access to jobs, training, and education opportunities in the corporate sector, and that Indigenous communities gain long term sustainable benefits from economic development".

CORE VALUE 1 - Recruiting & Retention

  • Strategically attract Indigenous talent for employment.
  • Enhance job opportunities for Indigenous Peoples by building and maintaining strong relationships with clients who seek a diverse workforce.
  • Promote and further develop pathways to long term careers.
  • Connect Indigenous talent to fair, equitable and meaningful employment.
  • Nurture individual relationships with Indigenous talent and provide ongoing employment mentoring and coaching.

CORE VALUE 2 - Social Responsibility

  • Strive to work towards reconciliation in Canada by eliminating gaps and creating bridges for change between Indigenous Peoples and Non-Indigenous Peoples.
  • Provide awareness and training to companies that seek to value and respect Indigenous Peoples' values, culture, and history for a positive, diverse work force.
  • Engage with and support programs, events, and services that seek to promote the employment of Indigenous Peoples.

CORE VALUE 3 - Community Engagement

  • Engage in positive collaborative relationships with First Nation and Metis Communities to provide sustainable employment between Indigenous members and MRR clients.
  • Work with educational organizations and institutions to provide requirements that companies seek when hiring Indigenous talent.
  • Partner with companies and organizations that demonstrate commitment to skills development, training to employment, and recruiting of Indigenous Peoples.